Birth Day Party Pictures

The birthday party started at 7 P.M. and ended around 2 A.M.  Ingrid Røynesdal was the toast master.  Ragnhild, Eldbjørg and Andris Hemsing, Catharina and Sara Chen and Frida Fredrikke Wærwaagen contributed to the musical part of the  evening. Anup and Tjøstolv felt like belonging to the modern world`s weaker gendre and were greatly priveldged to have the opportunity to participate in an extraordinary party full of  music, humour, lot of warmth and food from India, Thailand and Korea contributed by Soon-Mi, Narinder and Ragne, some flavours from Greece and deserts from Switzerland, the US and Norway  contributed by good friends.

Send Congratulation to Ragne Birte Lund on her 6oth Birthday

On 2oth November Ragne Birte Lund will be 60 years.  She will be celebrating her birth day at home in Bygdøy Allé 51B.  No man has been invited  in the birthday party except her husband and  brother.  In these days of female uprising men are not left with any choice but to cheer for the ever growing strength of  the ”weaker” gendre.

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An artist of small details with big sense of esthetics

Global and multicultural: Family and friends in India

Ragne got married to a physicist from Calcutta in 1975, who came as a NORAD fellow to the University of Oslo in 1971.  Since 1972 she has been visiting India to meet family and friends. Her respect for Indian culture and capacity of adjustment with a completely different culture have made her a beloved of all who have come to know her in India.

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Tending a garden of creativity in exceptionally gifted children

Ragne and Anup established in 1992  a foundation in memory of their highly gifted child Ånun in order to stimulate creative children to find expressions and opportunities of their talents.  Ragne as a chairman of the Foundation has built a family of creative children of exceptional talents.

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Turns grief into beauty: The grave of Ånun becomes a beautiful flower bed

The only son Ånun Lund Rej was bereaved of life at the age of ten in an accident on the Alps near Geneva in 1990. He was burried in Oppegård Churchyard in Oppegard, a suburb of Oslo. Ragne takes care of the gravesite with a great motherly  love and keeps it as beautiful as Ånun was in life.

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A Gardner in Paradise at Sogn

Ragne and Anup have a summer house in Juvik, Vik i Sogn by Sognefjord. It is surrounded by mountain chains amidst one of the most beautiful scenary on Earth. There they have fruit trees and a lovely flower garden where Ragne spends a large part of her holidays as a gardner while keeping in touch with the family roots.  Ragne`s morfar was a teacher at Moss and a part time farmer at Juvik.

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A great hostess in a hospitable home with warmth and colors

Ragne and Anup moved in Bygdøy Allé 51B in Oslo after returning from Seoul.  Here family and friends enjoy warmth and colours. It is also a place for serious thinkers and creative people , who participate in salons held regularly in this premise. It has become an extended home for the children of the Ånun Lund Rej Memorial Foundation.

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Ragne as a kind and beloved child

As a child Ragne was no doubt a jewel of her parent`s eyes.  With a kind big brother she had a great time. 

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Ragne Birte Lund a woman among powerful men as an Ambassador

Ragne Birte Lund became the first Norwegian woman ambassador to Asia when she came to Seoul in 1994.  She was also the only woman Ambassador in Seoul at that time.  In  2000 she  became the Ambassador to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. She is presently a home based Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo in the Department for Global issues.

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